Welcome to the world of Tanukiverse collectibles!
Experience the lore through the interactive NFT medium. With each hand-drawn trait, you get to own a little piece of treasure from Tanukiverse. Be a seeker, settler, or builder, and be a part of this collaborative space.


Sarubobos are tiny dolls with no facial features. These charming, loyal, noisy, caring, and curious creatures are Minato Chan's closest companions in Tanukiverse.



As the first settlers of Tanukiland, Tanukis live in harmony under three clans and abide by the principles of the Bake Danuki gods, who are deities of transformation and mischief.


Minato Chan

Minato is the last of humankind and remains the only bridge between the realms of Yokai and Humans. As she embarks on her journey, she conjures others to form and lead an alliance.