What is Tanukiverse?
Tanukiverse is a multimedia IP that preserves the Japanese folklore around Tanukis through a story-driven and community-led ecosystem using NFTs and other Web3.0 tools
How many Tanukis are there in Tanukiverse?
A total of 9999 hoomans from around the world will shapeshift into the realm of Tanukis to form Tanukiland.
What intellectual property rights do Tanukiverse holders receive?
Holders of Tanuki NFTs possess commercial rights to the Tanuki NFT they acquire either through mint or through sale. Any changes to these rights in the future will be communicated promptly
Is Tanukiverse a metaverse project?
Tanukiverse is a multimedia IP. Tanukiland (a part of the Tanukiverse ecosystem) is a virtual country that Tanuki passport holders build together - from the laws, governance, internal & external affairs to the games, experiences and businesses running inside the country.
What are the benefits of holding Tanuki NFTs?
Tanuki NFTs serve as a passport to Tanukiland - a direct democracy. Holders are recognised as citizens of this democracy. They take part in decisions that impact project progress and earn passive income through economic activities taking place in the Tanukiverse ecosystem.