The tanuki lore unfolds in the heart of Tokyo, where Minato Chan, comes across a strange creature on an unusual night, which leads to the development of further events.

On this journey, we meet ………

The story recognises Minato Chan as the protagonist of Tanukiverse Season 1. This season, she embarks on a journey to shapeshift back into her Tanuki form. Throughout the journey, she learns about the rich history of Tanuki through a variety of exciting experiences and gameplay. Players get to experience Tanukiverse through her eyes, memories, and experiences.
Bake-Danuki gods maintain the Tanukiverse's peace and harmony. No other religion or god exists in the Tanukiverse, and everyone must follow the Bake-Danuki gods' rules. They are the most powerful Tanukis in the Tanukiverse. They worship the Moon God and derive their energy and zen from the moon, as do all other Tanukis.
Tanukibis are ghosts of light that resemble large balls of floating fire. They are perceived as fire-balls conjured by Tanuki. It is claimed to appear along footpaths that go between rice fields, floating about one metre above the surface before dissipating when people approach it. Tanukis have the power to create Tanukibis, and all Tanukis are born out of Tanukibis.
Metanuki is an astral Tanuki who travelled many light years to meet Minato Chan in present-day Tanukiland. Metanuki is a mecha artform inspired by a rare Tanuki statue discovered in Shiga Prefecture, Japan.
In Tanukiland, Metanuki serves as a messenger to the Bake-Danuki gods and fellow Tanukis.