Pebbles are the in-house currency of Tanukiverse, where your engagement and participation are rewarded with Pebbles. There are multiple activities to earn PBL, such as playing mini-games, engaging in community activities, and claiming PBL bounties.

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The Last Sprint

Embark on a thrilling adventure to assist Minato chan in navigating through treacherous obstacles such as bustling roadways, speedy Shinkansen crossings, and vast waterways.


The Sarubobo Hunt

There is a Sarubobo for every Tanuki and a real Tanuki knows which Sarubobo is theirs. Enter the shop full of them and find your Sarubobo.



Pebble Polti

Potli are small handbags, that hold the precious gold pebble one have earned throughout their journey in Tanukiverse. Each Pebble Potli NFTs accounts for 20000 PBL, which one can claim through burning the same amount of PBL. Once converted to Pebble Potli, these can't be converted back to PBL.