Potli are small handbags, that hold the precious gold pebble one have earned throughout their journey in Tanukiverse. Each Pebble Potli NFTs accounts for 20000 PBL, which one can claim through burning the same amount of PBL. Once converted to Pebble Potli, these can't be converted back to PBL.

Pebble Potli NFTs are crucial in collecting your Minato Chan PFP. One would be required to offer Chitoseame Candy NFT along with a Potli NFT to Tanuki Shrine for claiming the Minato Chan.

How to mint?


Burn 20000 PBL to Mint 1 PBL Potli NFT

  1. Burn PBL on Skywallet
    1. Select number of NFT you want to mint
    2. PBL burned in multiple of 20000
    3. No Gas Fee
  2. Mint Pebble Potli NFT on Skywallet
    1. Select number of NFTs to mint
    2. Number based on PBL burned in previous step
    3. Sign Transaction and Pay Gas Fee


20000 PBL

Pebble Potli



Disclaimer : Pebbles once converted to Pebble Potli NFT; can't be converted back to Pebbles again.