This is where the magic happens.
Its been a long journey, and now is your chance to finally claim what has long been yours.
You must hold Chitoseame Candy NFT and Pebble Potli NFT to begin the reveal process.
You will be asked to burn your Pebble Potli NFT to claim the Minato Chan PFP.

Let's BUIDL together!

Minato Chan


pebble potli


Pebble Potli NFT

Potli are small handbags, that hold the precious gold pebble one have earned throughout their journey in Tanukiverse. Each Pebble Potli NFTs accounts for 20000 PBL, which one can claim through burning the same amount of PBL. Once converted to Pebble Potli, these can't be converted back to PBL.

20000 PBL

1 Pebble Potli NFT

Connect wallet to see assets.